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Want to Multiply Productivity?

Contractors can count on Bridgeport’s New Multi-Port Couplings.

If timing is everything, then for a Midwest electrical contractor the timing could not have been better. Just prior to a Bridgeport Fittings product presentation a Midwest contractor was awarded a fast-paced office project from an American automotive company. A number of project managers were seeing Bridgeport’s new Mighty-Merge Multi-Port Transition Fitting for the first time. It was immediately evident that these new 2, 3 and 4 port transition fittings where going to make their MC Cable connections quicker, neater and better looking compared to traditional MC Cable installations.

Having the MC Cables merge into five foot lengths of EMT was far more productive than the contractor could have ever imagined. Besides the ease and quickness of the installation the Multi-Port solution saved time managing, grouping and identifying circuits.

"Overall, the Bridgeport solution helped to keep the job on schedule, reduce man-hours and promote good workmanship – three keys to success on any job," noted Eric Cerasale, Bridgeport's Technical Marketing Manager.

The new cETLus-Listed family of fittings comes with two, three or four ports (4156-DC, 4357-DC, and 4457-DC). Bridgeport’s new Mighty-Merge Multi-port transition couplings can transition AC/ MC/ MCI-A/ HCF/ MC-PCS cables.

The Bridgeport solution means contractors have fewer boxes, connectors and fasteners to install. In addition, the multi-port transition fittings can be pre-fabricated for even more productivity in the field.

For more information about multi-port transition couplings, click here.

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