How many times have you joined two fittings together with a Galvanized Rigid Coupling?

For example: using a ¾” EMT connector threaded into a ¾” rigid conduit coupling and then a ½ to ¾” reducing bushing threaded in the other side to accommodate the ½” duplex MC cable connector. That’s four fittings to do one job.

Now if a Contractor “Needs A Change”, he can install a (UL) listed fitting and not get tagged by the AHJ. Inspectors are aware that conduit couplings are for tapered conduit threads and not to be used for joining fittings that are listed to be secured with locknuts.

On your next job use a Transition Fitting to improve productivity. It is better than the 4-fittings approach and can save time compared to a pull box install.

Bridgeport Transition Fittings convert cable or conduit while maintaining the appropriate physical and electrical requirements per (UL) and National Electrical Codes. Transition Fittings are (UL) Listed and shall be permitted in lieu of a pull box. All transition fittings should be accessible and listed for the job.

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