This year, at NECA 2018, Bridgeport submitted three items into the NECA Showstopper Showcase, and won a NECA Showstopper Award for the new MC-FLEXFIT™ Adjustable End Stop Feeder MC Cable Fittings!

“At the end of day one of NECA 2018 Philadelphia, the 22 winners of the NECA Showstopper Awards were announced. The winners were selected from more than 100 submissions by a panel of expert judges who made their decisions based on

their potential utility on the job.

Many factors were considered, including safety, their utility on the job, and the degree to which it will help employees.

One of the anonymous judges said they were very impressed with the options this year and that awarding the Showstoppers is always one of the highlights of the NECA Show.” – From

NECA 2018 took place in Philadelphia, PA this year and we had a record-breaking crowd!

A number of Contractors and Students stopped by the Bridgeport booth to see our new products, get a Bridgeport Bottle Opener and see Randy the Magician.

Bridgeport’s new 680-UI series of adjustable end stop connectors have an innovative one piece armor stop and insulated throat that provides greater conductor protection. These items have a two position/two screw hinge design which allows for a large cable range without changing bushings. The heavy duty steel design supports large sized MC Feeder Cable.