Catalog Number grp-MCH-075-MCH200

Mighty-Bond® Grounding and Bonding Hubs


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This innovative product was created for solar energy applications.

Bridgeport's MCH hubs are listed for use in wet and dry locations as a connector for rigid metal conduit or EMT with a Bridgeport Fittings connector. Conductor Ranges:

MCH-075 - 6 to 4/0 AL/CU

MCH-100 - 2 to 350 MCM AL/CU

MCH-125 - 3/0 to 400 MCM AL/CU

MCH-150 - 250 to 500 MCM AL/CU

MCH-200 - 350 to 750 MCM AL/CU

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Dimensional Data Product Information
Catalog Number DIM. A DIM. B DIM. C DIM. D UPC Item number Trade Size
Catalog Number MCH-075 DIM. A 1.68 DIM. B 2.06 DIM. C 0.56 DIM. D 0.46 UPC Item number 02345 Trade Size 3/4"
Catalog Number MCH-100 DIM. A 1.93 DIM. B 2.84 DIM. C 1.09 DIM. D 0.56 UPC Item number 02346 Trade Size 1"
Catalog Number MCH-125 DIM. A 2.332 DIM. B 3.09 DIM. C 1.12 DIM. D 0.565 UPC Item number 02347 Trade Size 1-1/4"
Catalog Number MCH-150 DIM. A 2.6 DIM. B 3.1 DIM. C 1.12 DIM. D 0.565 UPC Item number 02348 Trade Size 1-1/2"
Catalog Number MCH-200 DIM. A 3.095 DIM. B 3.2 DIM. C 1.237 DIM. D 0.565 UPC Item number 02349 Trade Size 2"
Product details
UPC Number
Primary Materials
Brass (MCH-075, MCH-100) Stainless Steel (MCH-125, MCH-150, MCH-200)
Certifications & Codes
Federal Specification Number
UL File Number
Listed ETL under Bridgeport Fittings: MCH-075. Conforms to UL 467 and CSA C22.2 No. 18.3
Nema Standard
UL Standard
Patent Number
8,410,378; D703,519
Compliance Documents