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With Bridgeport bushings, you can do more than just protect conductors. Mighty-Rite® Split Bushings allow for installation before or after a wire pull. Bridgeport also has your standard conduit, grounding and insulating bushing solutions.

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  1. Split Bushing, Insulated, Grounding, Zinc Die Cast

    Split Bushing, Insulated, Grounding, Zinc Die Cast

    16 Sizes Available

    SGB-382CL, SGB-383CL, SGB-38414, SGB-384CL, SGB-38514, SGB-385CL, SGB-38614, SGB-386CL, SGB-38740, SGB-387CL, SGB-38840, SGB-388CL, SGB-38940, SGB-389CL, SGB-39040, SGB-390CL

    Problem Solver

    This product was precisely manufactured for trouble-free installation.


    This innovative product was created for solar energy applications.

    Split Bushing, Insulated, Grounding, Zinc Die Cast
    Used in situations where wires have already been pulled through conduit or EMT fittings, and an insulated Grounding bushing is required. Grounding lug; aluminum alloy 60610-T6. Rated 150 Degree C. cULus listed to UL514B and UL467 specifications. Patented. All Zinc Die Cast Mighty-Rites are now available with Stainless steel hardware and UV stabilized insulators, for use in outdoor applications.
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  2. Bushing, Plastic - 150 Degrees C

    Bushing, Plastic - 150 Degrees C

    10 Sizes Available

    321-B, 322-B, 323-B, 324-B, 325-B, 326-B, 327-B, 328-B, 329-B, 330-B

    Bushing, Plastic - 150 Degrees C
    Used with locknut to terminate threaded rigid and IMC to box, or used with connector to prevent damage to wire insulation. Black Color, rated 150 degree C.
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  3. Bushing, Insulating, Polyethylene

    Bushing, Insulating, Polyethylene

    10 Sizes Available

    TWB-51, TWB-52, TWB-53, TWB-54, TWB-55, TWB-56, TWB-57, TWB-58, TWB-59, TWB-60

    Bushing, Insulating, Polyethylene
    EMT bushing insulates telephone, computer, video and other low voltage wiring from sharp edges of EMT. Complies with NEC Article 300-15(c).
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  4. Bushing, Stud, Polypropylene

    Bushing, Stud, Polypropylene

    1 Sizes Available