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  1. Mighty-Merge® Transition Fittings. EMT Coupling

    Mighty-Merge® Transition Fittings. EMT Coupling

    2 Sizes Available

    4256-DC, 4258-DC


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    Mighty-Merge® Transition Fittings. EMT Coupling
    Set screw transition couplings used to join two EMT to one EMT. The Mighty-Merge® Two to One can be used in commercial and institutional construction or OEM systems. When limited knockout space is available entering an enclosure or panel, use to separate or isolate circuits, can help speed up the installation and coordination in and out of block wall construction. Used in OEM designs requiring tight parallel raceway management. The single screw inspection cover provides for an easy access for tracing of conductors. An overall lower total cost compared to the traditional junction box installation. Patented. *Consult factory for 105 degree filler plug.
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