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Bridgeport offers a wide variety of supports including straps, bushings and cable stackers. Mighty-Merge® Multi-NM Cable and Transitions can help support and terminate up to 6 non-metallic cables in one conduit run.

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  1. NM Cable Support

    NM Cable Support

    2 Sizes Available

    NMCB-2, NMWH-43

    NM Cable Support
    The NMCB-2 is provided with a nail for use on wood studs or 3/4" thick furring strips to position non-metallic sheath cable. Capable of positioning a single 14/2 to 10/3 NM cable or two 14/2 NM cables in each of three rectangular slots. May also be used with low voltage cable. Low profile design and unique self-locking fingers prevent accidental removal of cables. Grooved nail for extra gripping with stud.
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  2. Cable Bracket/Support

    Cable Bracket/Support

    3 Sizes Available

    NMCB-1, NMCB-2, NMCB-3

    Cable Bracket/Support
    Positions maximum of (6) 14/2 to 10/3 NM-B Cables or (4) 14/2 to 12/2 AC or MC Cables. Also suitable for use with Low Voltage Cabling up to 3/8" diameter. Furnished with (2) #8 screws for use on wood or steel stud (use 1/8" drill bit)
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