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Bridgeport's Push-EMT® Raintight Connectors allow for quick installation with EMT. Our Mighty-Seal® fittings can be installed by simply pushing the fitting onto the conduit, meaning there are no tools required! These fittings are also listed for use in wet locations, with a raintight fit.

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  1. Mighty-Seal® Push-EMT® Raintight Connectors

    Mighty-Seal® Push-EMT® Raintight Connectors

    4 Sizes Available

    250-MSRT, 250-MSRTI, 251-MSRT, 251-MSRTI


    We’re always innovating new products to solve your in-the-field problems.


    This innovative product was created for solar energy applications.

    Mighty-Seal® Push-EMT® Raintight Connectors
    The 250-MSRT installation is accomplished by inserting a properly deburred end of EMT into the end of the Mighty-Seal and slightly rotating the UL listed fitting until the conduit reaches the end stop. Removal is accomplished by loosening the nut and removing the component parts from the end of the conduit. Reassemble the fitting in the reverse order of the removal process and re-use. Patented
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