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  1. Raintight Compression Connector

    Raintight Compression Connector

    20 Sizes Available

    250-RT2, 250-RT2US, 250-RTI2, 250-RTI2US, 251-RT2, 251-RT2US, 251-RTI2, 251-RTI2US, 252-RT2, 252-RTI2, 253-RT2, 253-RTI2, 254-RT2, 254-RTI2, 255-RT2, 255-RTI2, 256-RT2, 256-RTI2, 257-RT2, 257-RTI2


    This innovative product was created for solar energy applications.

    Raintight Compression Connector
    Compression style connector with internal sealing ring and knockout gasket to create a raintight seal when connecting EMT to box or enclosure. Patented
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