Catalog Number grp-SB383NM-SB390NM

Split Bushing, Insulated, Plastic, Patented


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Problem Solver

This product was precisely manufactured for trouble-free installation.

Used in situations where wires have already been pulled through Rigid/IMC conduit and an insulated bushing is required. Rated 105 Degree C. cULus listed.

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Dimensional Data Product Information
Catalog Number DIM. A DIM. B DIM. C DIM. D UPC Item number Trade Size
Catalog Number SB-383NM DIM. A 0.86 DIM. B 0.57 DIM. C 1.05 DIM. D 1.6 UPC Item number 40383 Trade Size 1"
Catalog Number SB-384NM DIM. A 1.16 DIM. B 0.57 DIM. C 1.36 DIM. D 1.93 UPC Item number 40384 Trade Size 1-1/4"
Catalog Number SB-385NM DIM. A 1.28 DIM. B 0.57 DIM. C 1.59 DIM. D 2.18 UPC Item number 40385 Trade Size 1-1/2"
Catalog Number SB-386NM DIM. A 1.53 DIM. B 0.56 DIM. C 1.99 DIM. D 2.64 UPC Item number 40386 Trade Size 2"
Catalog Number SB-387NM DIM. A 1.84 DIM. B 0.62 DIM. C 2.38 DIM. D 3.25 UPC Item number 40387 Trade Size 2.5"
Catalog Number SB-388NM DIM. A 2.14 DIM. B 0.7 DIM. C 2.97 DIM. D 3.88 UPC Item number 40388 Trade Size 3"
Catalog Number SB-389NM DIM. A 2.41 DIM. B 0.7 DIM. C 3.4 DIM. D 4.42 UPC Item number 40389 Trade Size 3.5"
Catalog Number SB-390NM DIM. A 2.66 DIM. B 0.7 DIM. C 3.9 DIM. D 4.91 UPC Item number 40390 Trade Size 4"
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9,000,310 D721,652 9,012,791
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