Catalog Number grp-SGBTL383CL-SGBTL39040

Split Bushing, Threadless, Insulated, Grounding, Zinc Die Cast


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This product was precisely manufactured for trouble-free installation.


This innovative product was created for solar energy applications.

The new SGBTL series are Listed to ground and bond both EMT and threadless Rigid conduits with one bushing!

The 1"-2" trade sizes feature a patented, zinc die cast wedge design to fit on EMT, and then the wedge is removed for use with threadless Rigid conduit. For 2.5"-4" trade sizes, the O.D. of EMT and Rigid are the same, and no additional wedge piece is required.

Perfect for bonding stub-ups, solar PV conduits, or in data applications! Tin-plated aluminum alloy grounding lug. Insulator rated 150 Degree C. cULus listed to UL514B and UL467 specifications.

All zinc die cast Mighty-Rites Split Grounding Bushings come with Stainless steel hardware and UV stabilized insulators, for use in indoor OR outdoor applications. Patented #10,027,039.

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Dimensional Data Product Information
Catalog Number DIM. A DIM. B DIM. C DIM. D UPC Item number Trade Size
Catalog Number SGBTL383CL DIM. A 1.218 DIM. B 1.02 DIM. C 2.276 DIM. D 2.734 UPC Item number 93836 Trade Size 1"
Catalog Number SGBTL384CL DIM. A 1.573 DIM. B 1.342 DIM. C 2.844 DIM. D 3.465 UPC Item number 93846 Trade Size 1-1/4"
Catalog Number SGBTL385CL DIM. A 1.801 DIM. B 1.55 DIM. C 3.07 DIM. D 3.675 UPC Item number 93856 Trade Size 1-1/2"
Catalog Number SGBTL386CL DIM. A 2.257 DIM. B 1.96 DIM. C 3.584 DIM. D 4.031 UPC Item number 93866 Trade Size 2"
Catalog Number SGBTL38740 DIM. A 2.93 DIM. B 2.27 DIM. C 4.055 DIM. D 5.322 UPC Item number 93876 Trade Size 2-1/2"
Catalog Number SGBTL38840 DIM. A 3.55 DIM. B 2.87 DIM. C 4.7 DIM. D 6.088 UPC Item number 93886 Trade Size 3"
Catalog Number SGBTL38940 DIM. A 4.06 DIM. B 3.37 DIM. C 5.236 DIM. D 6.527 UPC Item number 93896 Trade Size 3-1/2"
Catalog Number SGBTL39040 DIM. A 4.56 DIM. B 3.87 DIM. C 5.68 DIM. D 7.047 UPC Item number 93906 Trade Size 4"
Product details
UPC Number
Ball Burnished, Mirror Smooth, Grounding lug: Tin Electro-plate
Certifications & Codes
Federal Specification Number
UL File Number
Nema Standard
Patent Number
7,182,611; 6,840,782; 8,419.449
Compliance Documents