Catalog Number grp-151DC-160DC

Threaded Hub, Zinc Die Cast

Problem Solver

This product was precisely manufactured for trouble-free installation.

To secure threaded rigid service entrance conduit to box or enclosure. Insulated throat rated 105 degree c. UL listed

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Dimensional Data Product Information
Catalog Number DIM. A DIM. B DIM. C UPC Item number Trade Size
Catalog Number 151-DC DIM. A 13/16 DIM. B 9/16 DIM. C 1-1/8 UPC Item number 09151 Trade Size 1/2"
Catalog Number 152-DC DIM. A 15/16 DIM. B 5/8 DIM. C 1-1/4 UPC Item number 09152 Trade Size 3/4"
Catalog Number 153-DC DIM. A 1-1/16 DIM. B 3/4 DIM. C 1-5/8 UPC Item number 09153 Trade Size 1"
Catalog Number 154-DC DIM. A 1-3/16 DIM. B 3/4 DIM. C 1-15/16 UPC Item number 09154 Trade Size 1-1/4"
Catalog Number 155-DC DIM. A 1-1/4 DIM. B 13/16 DIM. C 2-3/16 UPC Item number 09155 Trade Size 1-1/2"
Catalog Number 156-DC DIM. A 1-1/4 DIM. B 7/8 DIM. C 2-3/4 UPC Item number 09156 Trade Size 2"
Catalog Number 157-DC DIM. A 1-5/8 DIM. B 15/16 DIM. C 3-1/4 UPC Item number 09157 Trade Size 2-1/2"
Catalog Number 158-DC DIM. A 1-5/8 DIM. B 15/16 DIM. C 3-13/16 UPC Item number 09158 Trade Size 3"
Catalog Number 159-DC DIM. A 1-11/16 DIM. B 15/16 DIM. C 4-5/16 UPC Item number 09159 Trade Size 3-1/2"
Catalog Number 160-DC DIM. A 1-11/16 DIM. B 15/16 DIM. C 4-3/4 UPC Item number 09160 Trade Size 4"
Product details
UPC Number
Primary Materials
Zinc Die Cast
Ball burnished, mirror smooth
Certifications & Codes
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UL File Number
CSA File Number
Nema Standard
UL Standard
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