just look for the wall of orange

Orange definitely stands out, and so do our products. To us, the vibrant color symbolizes quality, innovation and trouble-free installations. From split bushings to transition fittings, groundings to couplings, each and every electrical product that passes through our walls is meticulously manufactured to make your job more efficient.
So when you see Bridgeport’s orange packaging, you’ll know that what’s inside has been designed to save time and labor, increase productivity and solve application problems.

Over 10,000 distributors nationwide.
manufactured for ease & efficiency
There's a reason why Bridgeport is trusted by more than 607,000+ electricians in the US and Canada.
trouble-free installations
Our precise manufacturing leads to high-quality fittings that make installations easy.
product innovation
We understand the problems you have in the field, which is why we continually develop solutions.
Zinc alloy materials ensure dependable, high-quality electrical fittings every time.

problem solving products
Problems can happen in the field, but Bridgeport is at the forefront of innovating solutions. We continually develop new products to make your job easier, with a proactive process control system that conducts preventative maintenance to solve problems before they even occur.
time saving solutions
Not only do our products save you time with easy installations, our lower total cost solutions help you save money with the highest reliability in the industry. We're committed to providing the most up-to-date technology so you can get every job done on-time and on-budget.
see the difference orange makes
Explore the products that are trusted by more than 607,000+ electricians across the US and Canada.

Continental Electric prefers to use Bridgeport fittings. Their die cast liquid-tight fittings install quickly and consistently due to the long radius and smooth inner channel. When you add in Bridgeport’s superior locknut design, it becomes an easy choice for our company.

Continental Electrical Construction Company, Skokie, Illinois
Purchasing Agent

Having an easy way to visually identify is important. Inspectors in the cities of Glendale, AZ and Phoenix, AZ are enforcing the NEC requirement for raceways in a wet location.

GWI Electric, Glendale, Arizona

Bridgeport’s UL Listed Raintight EMT fittings have the word ‘raintight’ cast into the fitting body, which makes it easy to confirm the right fittings are being used.

Rizzo Electrical Construction
Project Manager