Benefits of Zinc Alloy

Corrosion-Resistant, Durable Products
The Bridgeport Material Difference

Bridgeport Fittings manufactures zinc alloy and steel electrical products. In addition, Bridgeport supplies many products made from Aluminum, Brass, Malleable Iron, Non-metallic and Stainless Steel for specific application requirements.

Below is a discussion of the advantages of our primary manufacturing material, Zinc Alloy.

Zinc is an easy-to-use, tolerant element that we use as our go-to-material. We rely on zinc alloy for our products because of the many advantages it offers the electrical industry, including:

  • Lower total cost compared to steel
  • Dimensional consistency for high product quality
  • Inherent corrosion protection
  • Functional advantages that ensure trouble-free installation
Zinc Alloy

As a material used in the manufacturing of electrical conduit and cable fittings, zinc alloy is referenced as an acceptable material in numerous specifications including:

  • Federal Specifications (A-A-50552, A-A-50553, A-A-50563)
  • Third Party Certification Standards (UL514B, UL467, CSA C22.2 18.3-04)
  • NEMA Specification Standard (FB-1)
  • National Electrical Code
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