Designed to Withstand

Tough Environments
ETL Listed and Direct Burial Rated

Bridgeport Fittings has been supplying products with Cor-Shield polyolefin coating for many years. And now, Cor-Shield product is produced right in our Stratford, Connecticut facility.

The polyolefin coating process doesn’t disturb the zinc coating of the superior Bridgeport products, thus ensuring the corrosive protection of our zinc coating remains intact. Proper preparation of the product prior to coating guarantees suitable adhesion, and our proprietary coating process provides maximum corrosion protection in extreme conditions.
Polyolefin is an alternative material to Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) and offers superior chemical, corrosion and UV protection as compared to your typical PVC coating. Plus, it's environmentally friendly and the strong, flexible properties can resist cracking, abrasion and impact damage. And, as compared to PVC, nicks and cuts in the polyolefin coating can be repaired by heating the surface until the coating flows, without the risk of ignition.

Environmental Benefits

As an environmentally-friendly material, Bridgeport’s Cor-Shield thermoplastic polyolefin coating technology contains:

  • No reactive ingredients
  • No phthalates
  • No halogens
  • No isocyanates
  • No heavy metals
  • No VOCs
  • No chlorine components
  • No hydrogen chloride gas emissions resulting from burning
Beneficial Characteristics
  • Adhesion without primers
  • Chemical and galvanic corrosion protection
  • Low smoke and flame spread ratings
  • High dielectric strength
  • Greater flexibility without cracking at low temperatures
  • Superior mechanical, abrasive and impact resistance
  • High quality finish
  • Light weight
  • Joint sealing
  • Food and water contact approved
  • Field repair ability

Bridgeport stocks many standard ETL-listed, polyolefin-coated products such as clamps, straps, liquid-tight and jacket metal clad fittings. We are also equipped to custom coat other non-Bridgeport fittings for your specific application.

Fire Performance
Our coating materials are composed almost entirely of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen compounds. On burning, the fumes are principally made up of carbon dioxide and water. Bridgeport’s Cor-Shield products exceed the requirements for coating in tunnels, enclosed buildings and on passenger trains, and passes the stringent ASTM E84 fire test for combustible building materials.
UV Protection
The unique chemical properties of the Bridgeport Cor-Shield polymer-based polyolefin provides unsurpassed UV corrosion protection when installed outdoors or exposed to sunlight and other UV-producing environments. This means an extra layer of protection for long-term, exposed installations.
Why is our packaging orange? Because orange stands out, and so do our products. You need a solution you can lean on, and that’s why Bridgeport products are manufactured for innovation, consistency and quality.
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