Quality Commitment

Dedicated to Product Control
Advanced Manufacturing and Inspection Techniques

Bridgeport’s proactive process control, monitoring, automatic inspection and stringent material standards are the key factors behind our legendary product quality.

We believe that brand preference and recognition are the direct result of industry-leading quality. You know quality when you see it, and we know quality because we make it. Our products support lower total cost through trouble-free installations because of the emphasis we hold on manufacturing high-quality, reliable electrical products.

Proactive Process Control

We execute the best preventative maintenance systems to avoid problems and poor quality.

Stringent Material Standards & Specifications

Certification of every raw product material guarantees adherence to applicable specifications and is augmented by additional internal and third-party conformance testing.

Functional Packaging

We understand that our products are being used in harsh environments. That’s why we strategically design each package to be easy-to-read, secure and functional for your environment.

Total Employee Commitment to Quality

The passion, dedication and knowledge of our employees demonstrates the ultimate commitment they have to ensuring Bridgeport products are of the highest quality.

Process Monitoring

Our controls process parameters ensure quality die cast parts every time. Zinc components are X-rayed daily to ensure process controls are functioning properly, stamping dies are electronically monitored to ensure quality stampings and zinc plating thickness is electronically monitored to ensure maximum corrosion protection.

Automatic Quality Inspection Features

These features as well as other sensing systems ensure consistent adherence to standards and specifications during our automated assembly process. Machines are inspecting 100% of the products manufactured by Bridgeport.

Why is our packaging orange? Because orange stands out, and so do our products. You need a solution you can lean on, and that’s why Bridgeport products are manufactured for innovation, consistency and quality.
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